European Playback Theater Gathering – EPTG 2022

European Playback Theater Gathering 2022

About EPTG 2022

This is a story about our Roots & Wings!

Do we feel our roots?  How are we connected to our history and ancestors?

What do we do to nourish our sense of freedom and search for exploration?

How do we succeed in building a trustworthy connection with ourselves as well as meaningful relationships with others?

Where we come from as playbackers and where we are going?

This September, in the heart of the Balkans,

the capital city of Sofia will imbed the roots

of a grand story!  A story of art & passion, of ideas and inspiration,  of friendship and professionalism!  The roots of Playback Theatre will be present. The wings of 300 PT practitioners will spread wide open for an experience of a lifetime!

In the green embrace of the city 3 venues will host playback spirit and cultures from near and far. In exchange for new stories, shared values, and a common vision

The ONE DAY Conference will inspire deeper conversations and new approaches for better understanding and engagement

European Playback Theatre Gathering MAY 2022

17 home groups will become a stem of deep human connection and inner exploration

34 workshops will blossom new leanings and experiences.

15 performances will soar the emotions and imagination to new horizons.

Supervision and Advanced skills workshops will ground our roots and help us spread the wings wider

2 Advanced Workshops after EPTG 2020


Nourish your roots and open your wings to experience an authentic and soul-elevating/fulfilling story!



May 2020, Sofia Bulgaria

Organized by – Playback Theatre “Here and Now” and Creators Association


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